HTML 101 & WPTouch

What’s happening? i’m going right back to the drawing board. It’s as if I was on the road to becoming a web developer. Learning all this coding stuff. I made a post a few months back that was pretty defeatist. But I guess I was just time-poor. Nothing like heaps more time to finally chew the fat off the old DOM, so to speak.

So I’m right back at the beginning touching on HTML. And hopefully in the next couple days, HTML5 Canvas stuff.

I’m really excited by what’s possible with Javascript. The language of the web baby. But why did Flash have to die? I guess it was really Apple sealing the nail in the coffin. And now even though people don’t really use it that much, it turns out it had a pretty useful format. Like After Effects mixed with code, for the web.

You’d think they could have just worked it out and got on making it a default package with browsers. Who knows, maybe it’ll make a return, someday.

I guess it was power hungry, and now it’s all mobile devices.

So here I am, it’s Monday on week 3 of my Masters degree. I’m halfway through a book called HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites, and it’s this really nice magazine layout.

Today I also got a mobile theme for my website up and running, called WPTouch, although I’m not sure if I want to use it anymore. It’s like deciding if your website should be all hokey with big fonts instead of displaying at the cool resolution it usually is.

I kinda don’t want to lose it, and what’s a a bit of pinching and zooming anyway, at least people are looking if they’re doing that.

I’m a funny guy, I’m not a designer in the client/advertising sense, but I like nicely made things and good layout. I’m more of an artist, but I spend a lot of my time doing designy stuff, even though it’s not my day job.