Spring Update ~


Wow, September ? It’s been a real long time between posts! I’ve been so busy!! I’ve barely had a chance to dive into this new site and really set things up properly…

Well now it’s done! – there’s a full show photo section from live shows easily accesible from the top of the site.

And I’ve changed the format a little – everything’s on the front page now. Still – lots more to come – getting some sound recordings tied up of the live shows over the past couple months, plus some new stuff too. Look out!

Been back in Australia in couple of months now but it really feels like the year has just flown by. I did so much in the States! Was only there for a month but it felt like a year! EYEO Conference, a bunch of shows, making new friends and getting stuck into some cool programming workshops. Been trying to do as many sketches in Processing as I can and will also start uploading way more of that to the web too… 😀

Recently just go back from 2 week residency at BIG CI in New South Wales plus a live show in Sydney with my JUMP mentor Ollie Bown.

We got some cool stuff happening between Processing, Ableton, and VDMX using Net Utils. Will have some demo’s of that work soon.

Till then check out a recently uploaded demo ambient track on Soundcloud, which I made completely on an OP-1 ( which I’ve been having a blast with , btw ).

I’ve probably been posting to Facebook about most things way more than I should – if that’s your thing you can follow me here: http://www.facebook.com/prgrms

+ There’s loads of photos of everything up on Scroll-Type too, check it out ~

More soon!

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