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I’ve been using Touch Designer and vvvv a fair bit lately on Windows.

If you’re looking for an environment to create real-time visuals in then you really can’t go passed either of them.

But which one should you choose? I’ve been oscillating between both, and at the moment it’s clear some things are more visible and easy to achieve in Touch Designer, and others in vvvv.

Whether or not I’ll keep working in both I’m yet to decide, but for now there’s a cool way called Spout that can enable the two to work together, as well a whole host of other applications. I managed to get textures routed out of TD into vvvv in a snap.

Maybe you don’t have to make a choice, and instead pursue both, for their own purposes. So now, much like Syphon on Mac, it’s now possible to route video textures from one to the other.

Spout was made by Zeal’s Dad 🙂

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