Sinuso Dial (2008 – 2009)

Studio + Live Processed Guitar / Abstract Video Project


Sinuso Dial is a debut audio-visual live performance and recording project, situated in the context of electronic music and abstract video art.

The project took formation during my B.F.A. in The Netherlands at Utrecht School of the Arts, and has since resulted in live performances in The Netherlands and Australia, multiple video works, 4 independently released EP’s, as well as compilation release.

Encompassing the Biology EP, Anigma EP, Live in Melbourne EP, and the Airfield EP (crossing over with installation-based presentation as m. Leaf-tierney), Sinuso Dial has also been featured on the compilation ‘Feeding the Transmitter’ via UK based label Amp Bit if go, and Electronic Academic Records (EAR) compilation “Dreaming of Summer in Winter”, released out of Melbourne, AU.

Sinuso Dial was a first step in the direction of cross-modal outputs for media arts projects, and a starting point for future audio-visual investigation.