Quartz Composer

After some study and use of the powerful VDMX video application in 2011, I’m turning to Apple’s Quartz Composer tool to further develop visuals for live and release-based contexts.

Quartz is a free visual programming tool that comes bundled free with the Mac OS. I have to admit for a while there I was a bit daunted by the program, but after using VDMX for a little while I feel I can now get my head around it, and see a use for it.

I think Quartz will be a great addition to my current live setup, but it’s also the function of Quartz. It’s more of a program that’s built to create software applications, or can be used in a performance context. Other tools like processingJS, or WebGL, are more suited to web-based presentation.

I think Quartz will be a great start to visual programming, while I continue to dabble in processing to get my code chops up to spec. I’m also taking part in Code Year, a free online course in Javascript.

I’ll be posting Quartz Composer patches on this blog as I create them, for starters here’s my first composition. It’s audio-reactive – so play some music!


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