New Audio Release: Airfield EP

‘Airfield’ is the new two-track EP from Sinuso Dial (aka m. leaf-tierney). The title piece combines location recordings from an old farmhouse cottage residence in Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia, with the electric guitar aesthetic characteristic of Tierney’s ambient electronic sound.

Track 2, ‘Parafern’, plays with a Macbook Pro built-in microphone and multi-fx processing in Ableton Live, to create an undulating swell of computational mechanics swathed in a wash of digital processes.

You can download it free here: Sinuso Dial – Airfield EP

Released 15th September 2009.

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Roman Verostko

I discovered the work of Roman Verostko today, a pioneer of the so-called “Algorists” movement. A former monk and priest, Verostko moved from mathematical drawings to coded algorithmic compositions, totally transforming his practice and undertaking a complete studio overhaul.

The results are intricately detailed, sumptuous fine-line renderings. This reminds me of the spiritual art of Kandinsky, Malevich and Rothko, blended with the micro-level attention of Ernst Haeckel and the early computer-art films of John Whitney. Verostko’s work also employs some kind of ‘other’ language: the works hold a somewhat ‘psychedelic-asian’ feel.

Highly recommended.