New Work : ‘Noumina’ (2010)

NOUMINA presents a story, an abstract narrative, a cinematic journey through the cosmos. From a twinkly gaze at the stars, we are confronted with a presence, a geometric object, and are taken on a journey to its domain.

Through super hi-resolution images of the Universe, the participant experiences multi-dimensional layers, geometric viewports to other-worldly realities.

Accompanied by a hypnotic original score, the piece swoons and arcs over multiple moods and territories, finishing back at our home world, again at the gaze of ever-distant night stars.

NOUMINA‘ is a hybrid of Kant’s ‘Noumenon’ or ‘non-object’, and ‘Numina’, or ‘Numen’: the mythological idea that spirit is inherent in everyday things. Literally, NOUMINA could translate to ‘The Soul of Impossible Objects’: an impenetrable Other, the transcendental alien.

I created the video installation NOUMINA for the Semantic Clutter event and Liquid Architecture Festival of 2010. The work was shown at West Space Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, from the 13th – 16th of July.

I’d like to shoot out a Super Thanks to Phip Murray, Lauren Brown and all the Westspace staff, Tessa Ellief for inviting me to exhibit in the show, Nat Bates – Liquid Architecture Director, Bianca Durrant for her help at the opening, and to James Wright & Will Hyndmarsh for help with video documentation.

Check out a few photos and a further project description below…

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Semantic Clutter @ Westpace, LA 2010

Liquid Architecture is Australia’s premiere annual festival of sound arts.

Events often include concerts, immersive sound presentations, audio-visual and recorded work, exhibitions and installations.

2010 sees ‘LA’ hit its 11th year, with a program in 7 Australian cities. The festival presents an array of local and international artists engaged in the field of sound, in a range of live and installation settings.
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On Visualizers

I watched the iTunes Visualizer (Magnetosphere) for about 2 hours straight the other night, and it blew my mind. I’ve looked at it lots of times before, but this time, for some reason, it was just amazing to watch. For a long time I’ve kinda felt that visualizers and screensavers are like the future album art. Well, they exist now, but even after all this time, they still haven’t found their feet.

To me, visualizers are very similar to a Lava lamp, or a fish tank in the home. But the odd thing is, people don’t dedicate a space in the home for visualization. Well, not yet they don’t, but they will soon. Visualizers are kinda stuck with the computer. But a computer is a different vibe thing compared to a fish tank or a lava lamp. It’s not always ambient in that way, but visualizers make it so. But even then, computers do a lot of stuff, so you always have to turn the visualizer/screensaver off to get back to what you were doing.

I think it’s a very meditative and pleasant thing to have a visualizer on in the home. Very contemplative. But I think there’s something lacking that stops them from becoming domesticated. On the one hand, it’s the current crossover that exists between televisions and computers. We’re kind’ve at crossing point where one day, they probably merge and be the one thing.

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New Audio Release: Airfield EP

‘Airfield’ is the new two-track EP from Sinuso Dial (aka m. leaf-tierney). The title piece combines location recordings from an old farmhouse cottage residence in Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia, with the electric guitar aesthetic characteristic of Tierney’s ambient electronic sound.

Track 2, ‘Parafern’, plays with a Macbook Pro built-in microphone and multi-fx processing in Ableton Live, to create an undulating swell of computational mechanics swathed in a wash of digital processes.

You can download it free here: Sinuso Dial – Airfield EP

Released 15th September 2009.

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Currently updating my website to the ‘Neutica’ Theme by Allan Cole… Will be a bit messy for a while, but to be honest I don’t mind being online whilst under construction!

Roman Verostko

I discovered the work of Roman Verostko today, a pioneer of the so-called “Algorists” movement. A former monk and priest, Verostko moved from mathematical drawings to coded algorithmic compositions, totally transforming his practice and undertaking a complete studio overhaul.

The results are intricately detailed, sumptuous fine-line renderings. This reminds me of the spiritual art of Kandinsky, Malevich and Rothko, blended with the micro-level attention of Ernst Haeckel and the early computer-art films of John Whitney. Verostko’s work also employs some kind of ‘other’ language: the works hold a somewhat ‘psychedelic-asian’ feel.

Highly recommended.