Spring Update ~


Wow, September ? It’s been a real long time between posts! I’ve been so busy!! I’ve barely had a chance to dive into this new site and really set things up properly…

Well now it’s done! – there’s a full show photo section from live shows easily accesible from the top of the site.

And I’ve changed the format a little – everything’s on the front page now. Still – lots more to come – getting some sound recordings tied up of the live shows over the past couple months, plus some new stuff too. Look out!

Been back in Australia in couple of months now but it really feels like the year has just flown by. I did so much in the States! Was only there for a month but it felt like a year! EYEO Conference, a bunch of shows, making new friends and getting stuck into some cool programming workshops. Been trying to do as many sketches in Processing as I can and will also start uploading way more of that to the web too… 😀

Recently just go back from 2 week residency at BIG CI in New South Wales plus a live show in Sydney with my JUMP mentor Ollie Bown.

We got some cool stuff happening between Processing, Ableton, and VDMX using Net Utils. Will have some demo’s of that work soon.

Till then check out a recently uploaded demo ambient track on Soundcloud, which I made completely on an OP-1 ( which I’ve been having a blast with , btw ).

I’ve probably been posting to Facebook about most things way more than I should – if that’s your thing you can follow me here: http://www.facebook.com/prgrms

+ There’s loads of photos of everything up on Scroll-Type too, check it out ~

More soon!

EYEO Festival

I’ve just landed in LA after a good 5 days in Minneapolis for EYEO Festival.


First off, what a conference. The range of venues, the speakers, the free beer (free!), all the book giveaways, free t-shirts, stickers, the countless awesome conversations I had, the many awesome people I met, and the incredible amount of presentations and ideas leaves me with a real giant sense of inspiration. Continue reading “EYEO Festival”

Patching Circle

Was recently chatting to a friend of mine about setting up a community ‘Code Jam’ here in Melbourne, and we checked out Media Lab Melbourne today as potential venue.

As it turns out there is already such a thing in the works – it’s called Melbourne Patching Circle, and the first one is on this Thursday!

7pm at 136A Cromwell St in Collingwood – more details in the link below!


FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/374040299285069/

Screen Printing

A bit of a divergence from digital media and software this week – I spent the last weekend at a short course on screen printing at CAE Institute in Melbourne.

In the final session next week we’re exploring exposing photographic emulsion to create the screen – will have some photos up of the process and experience. I have to say I really enjoy the process for some reason, as old school as it is.

Here’s a couple of the designs I’ve been working on today that will get the screen treatment next weekend. I’ll be making a bunch of t-shirts for sale here on the site, and at shows. Maybe it’s a bit early to be making merch but screen printing is something I’ve always wanted to try my hand at. Will have some pics of the final product next week ~

Quartz Composer

After some study and use of the powerful VDMX video application in 2011, I’m turning to Apple’s Quartz Composer tool to further develop visuals for live and release-based contexts.

Quartz is a free visual programming tool that comes bundled free with the Mac OS. I have to admit for a while there I was a bit daunted by the program, but after using VDMX for a little while I feel I can now get my head around it, and see a use for it.

I think Quartz will be a great addition to my current live setup, but it’s also the function of Quartz. It’s more of a program that’s built to create software applications, or can be used in a performance context. Other tools like processingJS, or WebGL, are more suited to web-based presentation.

I think Quartz will be a great start to visual programming, while I continue to dabble in processing to get my code chops up to spec. I’m also taking part in Code Year, a free online course in Javascript.

I’ll be posting Quartz Composer patches on this blog as I create them, for starters here’s my first composition. It’s audio-reactive – so play some music!




I begun development of the PROGRAMS project in New York City in 2011, at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Centre. Incorporating processed guitar and live video/software, PROGRAMS then debuted in a preliminary fashion as part of the Warper electronic music nights, and IN/OUT Digital Performance Festival in Brooklyn.

In 2012 I am a participant in the JUMP Mentoring program, Australia Council for the Art’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists. JUMP sees me team up with Ollie Bown – researcher, artist and musician – most well known for the electronic music project Icarus, and his Java library Beads.

prgrms.net exists to document PROGRAMS development as we explore technologies like Quartz Composer, Processing, Javascript, and Web GL / HTML 5.

The hope is to extend this dynamic audio-visual project into a format that is transferable across performance, cinema, and digital release.

Music demo’s uploaded to Soundcloud

Updates and tweets via @prgrms

Sketches and software progress/info documented here on prgrms.net

JUMP Mentoring 2012


I’m super fortunate to have been selected to participate in the JUMP Mentoring program for 2012!

From the JUMP site:

JUMP is a national mentoring program for artists aged 18-30, who are in the first five years of their professional practice.

JUMP artists are supported to undertake a one on one mentorship with a leading professional of their choice, focused on a funded creative project.

JUMP is serious about championing our nation’s next generation of arts industry leaders, and ensuring that geography and cultural diversity are no barrier to identifying and promoting artistic excellence.

I picked Ollie Bown as my mentor: an artist, musician and researcher, originally from the UK, who is now based in Sydney and works at the Design Lab at University of Sydney.

I’ll be working on extending the PROGRAMS project, expanding my software skill-set, live audio-visual performance and online presentation.

JUMP have put up a ‘Sneak Peek’ of the selected artists and mentors – check it out here.

More on all this in the New Year!

Till then, Happy Holidays 😉

BYOB Melbourne

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a series of one-night exhibitions where artists are invited to bring their own “beamers” and explore the medium of projection by creating a collaborative happening of moving light, sound and performance, originally initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal.
The Melbourne incarnation is organised by Ry David Bradley, Antuong Nguyen, Sam Hancocks and Emile Zile.

BYOB Melbourne Participants:

Olivia Barrett, Gavan Blau, Sally Blenheim, Ry David Bradley, Lane Cormick, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Heath Franco, Greatest Hits, Matt Leaf, Maximum Rim, Rowan McNaught, Dale Nason, Antuong Nguyen + Pageant, Ian Haig, Stephen Haley, Joe Hamilton, Sam Hancocks, Sean Healy, Christopher LG Hill, Amelia Hirschauer, Misha Hollenbach, Spencer Lai, Joshua Petherick, Johann Rashid, Soda Jerk, Nic Tammens, Lara Thoms, Alex Vivian, Oli van der Lugt, Yandell Walton, Marcin Wojcik, Warran Wright, Wikileaks, Emile Zile

Tristian Koenig Gallery
Level 1, 18 Ellis Street, South Yarra
Friday, December 16 2011