I’ve spent the last couple months getting together a basic outline of my thesis, but also trying to get together a workable 3d camera system.

In my research I discovered Vezér, an OSC platform for sending and receiving Open Sound Control messages around various software. It should really be called Open Signal Control, because at the moment I’m not using it to control any sound.

It’s a great application, allowing me to control animation and camera movement with easing and bezier curve acceleration, without the code. Just set up an address, and Vezér does the rest. Initially I looked into duration, but its buggyness and lack of active development motivated me to look for something else. Vezér on the other hand is actively being developed and has great support on the website from its creator.

On the camera side of things, I’m using OCD – Obsessive Camera Direction – a workable camera library for Processing. While I initially started with PeasyCam, it proved too limited in its functionality for my needs. OCD provides basic functionality for moving and aiming multiple cameras, and I found a great hack online enabling me to send multiple camera feeds to seperate graphics layers in Processing (which in itself was its own hurdle).

Along with control from TouchOSC, I now have a workable system whereby I can control camera movements wirelessly with an iPad, record those movements in Vezér, play them back, and see the results directly in Processing in real-time. It’s fantastic.

Not only that, all of Vezér’s controls are OSC addressable, meaning a bit of code in Processing can have you skipping and moving around multiple chapters and compositions, keeping things well mixed up – which is exactly what I want 🙂

It’s certainly been challenging figuring it all out, and not without some help from friends and members of the Processing community. The task ahead now is to begin setting up multiple scenes and multiple cameras, recording camera paths, and finally, creating a whole range of 3d content.

Lots of work ahead >_<

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