One of the interesting things about the web is the way it’s not linear. Actually I like how it’s called the Web. Coz that’s actually kind’ve the way it is. You go one way then you go the next.

But it’s also this place where stuff changes always. Even if I upload a movie, tomorrow I could upload an edited version. Or, I can could change the start date of a blog post, add an image, change the entire text.

Nothings set in stone on the Internet. Tomorrow I could change my URL and say my band was called Followers, instead of Programs. And I’d just release under Followers from then on. I could just go change WordPress Theme’s, relocate to Tumblr. Or some other provider.

I think growing up with this reality in front of me, that nothing is stable, has had an effect on the way I think. I always change my name, Matt Leaf, m. Leaf, Leaf-tierney. All this ridiculous stuff. But I think it grows out of the username generation. We live in a world where we’re expected to use avatars and passwords and profiles. So it has this natural effect of displacing those things.

Maybe it spills over into other activities too. People often talk about how no one has an attention span anymore. Maybe it’s not just because I can have twenty tabs, it’s this kind’ve ‘stability’ thing too. Ephemerality.

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