Mirror Drive

We’re living in this weird age where it’s like half your stuff is in the cloud and half isn’t. If anything that’s the future of computing and why an NBN or whatever is so important. 5 years from now consumers will be close to running entire computers from the Internet. But the only real point of the cloud is, on the one hand, backup, and on the other, sync across different devices. Right now my dilemma isn’t the files that I can back up to the cloud, or the ones that I can already sync – it’s everything else. But more than that, just having to maintain different machines is a chore. If we’re going to live in a multi-computer future, I can’t have one computer being the Mother. They’ve all gotta be children to the same parents. I want a Mirror Drive, where no matter how many computers I have, every hard drive is exactly the same – it’s just the format that changes, the ergonomics, or the resolution. In this way Internet speed is everything.

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