mattleafdotcom is dead

Well the inevitable has happened. is dead.

I was unlucky enough to have been hosted on an old server with Laughing Squid and had to migrate to their new cloud system, which completely destroyed all linking on my site. I’m sure there’s a smart way to fix it, but I honestly can’t be bothered spending any more hours on it.

On the plus side, I’ve managed to import my old blog posts into my new site, making my new web home.

There’s even a nice little archive page available from the top, with all the post icons auto-sized (which is pretty fancy). So maybe a blessing in disguise.

Anyways a lot of projects and stuff missing from this site at the mo (will have to do a little tweaking). And kinda wasn’t sure about amalgamating the two projects into one, but at least I don’t have to manage two websites anymore 🙂

mattleaf was my first website and the backend has always been a total train-wreck of hacked code. PRGRMS is a much cleaner, fresh and responsive theme, which will probably serve me well for the next couple years (i hope!).

For now, will automatically re-direct here, to

And also, my new twitter name is @prgrms ~

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