Interlace (2011)

Single-Channel HD Video, Silent, 16:9
8:24, Loop



For this piece I spliced up 36 different sci-fi films, combined together to become an interlace of cinema. This here is an excerpt of the first 8 minutes or so – I simply don’t have access to the computational power right now to put out a full render.

Originally I was hoping to work with 108 films, splicing 1 across 10 pixels each for a 1080 master, but again this was a bit of a strain on my Macbook.

36 seemed to be a nice number that balanced somewhere between being at times indecipherable,
but also recognizable in other moments.

Divisible further into itself, the cinematic frame is easily subject to the cut and splice and repetition of line, as much as a sound artist cuts a sound beyond a waveform.

INTERLACE then comes to be a kind of scramble. An interference, or horizontal concertina of film. It’s a play on the frame, a sandwiching of content into a ‘simultaneous cinema’.

Like the streams of content ever-flowing through our RSS readers, web 2.0 feeds, and Bit Torrent channels, INTERLACE suggests a new hybrid form of input, more often familiar to the digitally native non-linear sapien.

Films used:
2001: A Space Odyssey – 2046 – Akira – Alien – Alien3 – Alien Ressurection – Aliens – Avatar – Children of Men – Coboy Bebop – Cypher – ET – Equilibrium – Event Horizon – EXistenZ – Fantastic Planet – Flight of the Navigator – Futureworld – Galaxy Quest – Ghost in the Shell – Logans Run – The Matrix – Predator – Predators – RoboCop – Star Wars – Surrogates – Terminator 2 – The Last Starfighter – The Lawnmower Man – The Running Man – The Andromeda Strain – THX 1138 – Total Recall – Tron Legacy

Debut @
BYOB Melbourne, Tristian Koenig Gallery, South Yarra
December 16th 2011, 7 – 11pm