I begun development of the PROGRAMS project in New York City in 2011, at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Centre. Incorporating processed guitar and live video/software, PROGRAMS then debuted in a preliminary fashion as part of the Warper electronic music nights, and IN/OUT Digital Performance Festival in Brooklyn.

In 2012 I am a participant in the JUMP Mentoring program, Australia Council for the Art’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists. JUMP sees me team up with Ollie Bown – researcher, artist and musician – most well known for the electronic music project Icarus, and his Java library Beads. exists to document PROGRAMS development as we explore technologies like Quartz Composer, Processing, Javascript, and Web GL / HTML 5.

The hope is to extend this dynamic audio-visual project into a format that is transferable across performance, cinema, and digital release.

Music demo’s uploaded to Soundcloud

Updates and tweets via @prgrms

Sketches and software progress/info documented here on

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