For a long time I haven’t really made anything. Nothing at all really. Just rambling scribbles about what to do next while I held down a part-time job.

I guess I kind’ve had to get out of debt, but maybe I just needed a little time & space.

You build things up for a while, little ideas, or maybe you make mental collages of what you’re going to do next.

A lot of artists work with gradients at the moment, and I guess I’ve always liked them, too.

I’ve thought about doing a kind’ve moving image piece that uses gradients in a really soft, ambient way.

Just kind’ve floating through colour clouds.

I’ve started my Masters Degree at Monash University in Melbourne, specialising in digital art.

So finally I have some space to create.

I imagine for a while it will be a bit all over the place till I find some footing again, but for now here’s a little gradient image I made today in VDMX.

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