SHARE @ Issue Project Room

SHARE @ Issue Project Room

Photos here – a combination of two trips out to Issue Project Room: for the SHARE jam nights. The venue has this really unique suspended loudspeaker array setup.

Familiar to Melbourne locals as ‘Outpost’ (headed up mainly by Dan West & Byron Scullin) the Share night typically involves a bunch of computer music experimental video improvisational heads getting together in a pressure-free jamming environment.

The first night saw me just checking it out – one guy had a cool instrument called a ‘HAKEN Continuum Fingerboard’, a totally awesome instrument with a wetsuit type material that you push to play, but unlike a piano has a continuous feel, like a sitar ๐Ÿ™‚ Video ahead ->

IPR is set to move to more busy surrounds in the coming months – currently it’s part of a factory conglomerate of arts businesses in Downtown Brooklyn, edging towards the burgeoning Gowanas neighbourhood.

Tonight I threw up some visuals while I was there for a couple of hours – some nice moments there for a bit.

Great to meet Kaiko and others involved in the NYC SHARE family. Would be great to see these events kick back up again in Melbourne.