Live in LA, June 30, 2012

Live in LA, June 30, 2012

Scenes from last nights Sonoptik show at Mahasukha Centre in LA.

A great line-up, and a big thanks has to go to Tom & Jeneva for putting on the show.

I particularly dug the sets from Black Mare, Golden Hits, Kevin Greenspon and Mer – Mer (jon-kyle).

Mer – Mer delivering envelope controlled dmx audio-visual pulses ( video clip includ. ) in an awesome spatial performance.

Kevin Greenspon’s ambient .drone / melodic noise set was a total treat, effortlessly canvassing his controls to achieve specific desired sounds.

And Golden Hits stumped me with their incredibly considered and breath-like pieces calling to mind the Super Metroid soundtrack and early synth work like Tangerine Dream and Trans Millenia Consort.

Such a high calibre of performances I really felt privileged to be involved. This event in particular capturing a real awesome cross-section of the kind of music that’s going on LA, which I really feel I resonate with strongly.

Hopefully I’ll be back within a year with some new material to share 😀

More pics here : on Scroll-Type