David Byrne / Alva Noto / Bitforms / Alex Grey

David Byrne / Alva Noto / Bitforms / Alex Grey

Back in Chelsea for a bunch of new shows.

First up the large inflatable globe by David Byrne, wedged under the High Line bridge, with booming deep bass sounds coming from inside it.

Onto Carsten Nicolai’s ‘Pionier’, a cyclic piece where a fan turns on/off and inflates a parachute, every 5 minutes or so. Checkered moire monochrome background.

A visit to Bitforms Gallery for the first time, Manfred Mohr retrospective show with his minimal explorations in line and shape.

And finally a view of some of Alex Grey’s paintings in the flesh – as part of the ‘Shamanic Illuminations’ group show, at ACA.