100 Photos of San Francisco

100 Photos of San Francisco

1st Day in San Francisco, California.

A stroll through the ‘Mission District’, lots of colour and wall murals, the ethnic feel reminding me a little of Sydney Road, or Preston, back in Melbourne.

Onto the Downtown area, the hilly, pastel-filled facades and surrounds, and fog rolling in – adapting and contorting to the buildings.

On one, the Trans-American Pyramid, sharply throwing the cloud off in an angular degree.

Through Chinatown, the brightly-coloured shopfronts and closely bound eateries, and view of the financial district giving me a killer, active vibe about this city.

The Bay Bridge on the waterfront, and onto San Francisco Art Institute for a tour with the Graduate Program coordinator.

A nice College wedged in amongst an overlapping array of bay-window houses, with sweeping panoramic views of SF, seems like a decent community and nice spot to edify.

In the end I’m started off with a cool perspective of the city. There is a fairly heavy homeless presence, though, which can be a pretty stark contrast to the gargantuan fiscal centre above.

The poor sits alongside the epic rich in SF, who ultimately, in the end, give it a big part of its true character.