Dymaxian Map

This image was designed by Buckminster Fuller, whom I discovered after reading the preface for Expanded Cinema (Gene Youngblood, 1970).

Fuller calls this the Dymaxian map, a version of the globe that attempts to illustrate it as a connected whole island, stretched out across a singular ocean.

Our usual conception of the planet tends to divide things into separate oceans and continents, with a polar cap and bottom.

The Dymaxian Map breaks this conception, giving the insight of a whole, connected world.

I find this whole period so interesting. Some great texts came out of this era such as Radical Software, the Whole Earth Catalogue, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, and of course Expanded Cinema. Buckminster Fuller’s text are also great and a great resource on his work is online here: http://www.bfi.org/

With so many blogs these days I guess there’s no real need to collect things in magazines or catalogues. But I can’t help feel theres something special in collecting some of the current age in a physical, printed edition.

Of course, artists release catalogues all the time, but it would be great to see a periodical or text that dealt with some modern themes and processes of art and the Internet, kind’ve like a modern day Radical Software… Perhaps also, it would consider consciousness and the ecosystem, in similar ways as these texts from the 70’s did with video, tv, and the mental environment.

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