Digital Magazines

I don’t know why the Internet has to be so different from print editorial.

If you ask me, reading a magazine or a newspaper, or a book is just so much more enjoyable than reading online. The Internet is like the soundbyte of text. I can’t read one thing for long, it’s all about darting around.

The iPad, or a tablet, I find that to be so much better designed. It really is beautiful. But things like Issuu really miss the mark for iPad, in my opinion.

If the magazine hasn’t been designed for the tablet specifically, then its ruining all the possibilities. People just end up scanning in magazines that already exist, or uploading PDF’s.

But even still, why hasn’t iPad magazine dev taken off? I’ve seen some great examples in the past… but it’s as if no one can be bothered delivering the truly rich experience that’s possible.

One of the first real iPad mags I read was a Steve Jobs commemorative issue of Time magazine. It really was well made, a thing of beauty and a joy to read.

I don’t know what’s happened. It’s as if the Newsstand app came along and ruined everything. Even still, magazine style desktop websites rarely touch on the kind of print quality design you get in a physical magazine.

So many little boxes, ads and small pics.

But I guess a magazine is something editors work up to, over a week, or a month, whereas an online news aggregator seemingly has to invent stories out of thin in air daily just to hold its readership.

I guess it’s just one of those things that will evolve over time, and I hope it does. Graphic design did all this amazing evolving for the better part of the 20th Century and it’s as if the digital just killed all the rules.

Or maybe it’s good it sucks to read for too long on screens. At least you dont need to adjust brightness, sync and charge your device, and deal with background downloading just to read a magazine.

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