Death To Yevgeny Nourish (2008)

Mixed-Media Installation
Glass, Water, Stones, LCD Screen, Live Fish, DV PAL Video 720 x 576, Infinite Loop


DEATH TO YEVGENY NOURISH uses a live fish housed inside a tank to which a small LCD screen is attached. The screen flickers visuals, while the fish (a Japanese Fighter fish) swims jubilantly ~ creating a wispy silhouette against an ambient rainbow of colour.

As my first mature media installation artwork, DEATH TO YEVGENY NOURISH attempts to address some of my initial concerns and presumptions about media art.

With this piece I wanted to present a kind of hybrid ambient object. Masquerading as a TV, a fish tank, a lava lamp of sorts, I wanted to make a comment on the way that new media art doesn’t generally integrate domestically like a television or painting does.

But in another way the fish is in there, and it’s kind’ve about entrapment. The fish can represent an immersed body of any kind, and in this instance it’s an immersion within a televisual environment. So I’m kind’ve considering the moral implications of that – about this persuasive power inherent to the televisual environment, and what it means to immerse people in a deliberate virtuality.

Like the Game Designers in the movie Existenz, where Ted Pikel accuses the game maker Yevgeny Nourish of creating the most “effective deforming of reality” – DEATH TO YEVGENY NOURISH asks: “What are the moral and perhaps psychological implications that arise out of immersive new media artworks?”…

Visuals created in Processing.

DEATH TO YEVGENY NOURISH was shown as part of the
at RMIT Univeristy School of Art Gallery.

Curated by IAN HAIG.