Celluloid Cave @ Blindside

BLINDSIDE warmly welcomes you to…


Curated by Natalya E. Maller

Wed-Sat, 12-6pm, 17-20 November, 2010 (4 DAYS ONLY!)

Opening night 18 November, 6-8 pm

Featuring work by

Ry David Bradley
Jade Burstall
Paul Candy
Paul Rodgers
Zoe Scoglio
M Leaf Tierney
Andrew Turland
Leon Van De Graaff

Celluloid Cave pays homage to prehistoric cave artists and dwellers and a salute
to the 30 000 year long history and evolution of art, the ritual and mystic of
creativity and the power of images. With 21st century technology, the eight
artists in Celluloid Cave investigate and reinvent cave art to reflect on
contemporary anthropological activity, belief and ritual. It is a study of the
modern day artist as ‘cave artist’ who inquisitively examines the lives and
livelihood of their distant prehistoric cousins.

See the Blindside website for more details.

Nicholas Building, Level 7, Room 14
37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(Enter via lifts in Cathedral Arcade)