Cacophony: Sound Art via Skype (get involved!)

I’m wondering if there would be some interested parties in collaborating on a simple sound art project for 14 loudspeakers.

The basic idea is this:

I have 14 iMacs (with speakers) in a room in Holland which are all connected to Broadband and have Skype installed. You install Skype in your home country and on your own computer. You get a username and all that, then on a particular time and date, you call me. I get 14 people to call me at once. As in, everyone syncs there clocks to Greenwich Meantime and calls me at the exact same time.

I want two phone calls. One from people who speak different languages/accents, and the other, a phone call from people who want to be part of a more ‘musical’ phone call. So potentially there could be around 28 participants.

The sound of these phone calls will then be output into the room as a live international performance.

In terms of the speech, I will have to see how many participants I can muster up that actually speak different languages, and i may set some parameters for what is spoken about.

For the musical piece, it’s pretty much up to you. The only proviso would be that whatever you play into Skype isn’t pre-meditated, or pre-recorded: it is to be a live improvisation. And i don’t mind what you use to make sound. You wont be able to hear what other people are playing… all you have to do is make sound for 5 minutes, then hang up.

Currently the piece would be set to be performed on the 17th of March.

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The piece looks at the CACOPHONY of sounds that plague the global Technosphere. It considers these as a cacophony: the root of the word is greek, where cac, or kak, means bad, or literally “shit”, and ‘phony’ means ‘sound’.

Hence, Bad Sound, or ‘Shit Sound’.

This represents both the likely outcome of the piece if un-processed/un-modulated, and at the same time the very nature of this new, international, free technology.

Please let me know if you are interested so I can begin to make a list of participants, and i’ll be sending out a more detailed briefing soon.

Also, feel free to mention this project to anyone you think would be interested, or speaks another language other than yours (and who has access to a suitable net connection).

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My Skype identity: mrteenz




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