Cacophony (2008)

International Sound Art Improvisation Via Skype



Cacophony was a project involving an international call out to my immediate mailing list – to take part in a simultaneous live improvisation via Skype.

Taking place at HKU-KMT technology arts campus, I organised all the participants to call me at the same GMT, and simply make some noise. Their call, whatever they wanted to do. Ring up, make sound for 5 minutes, hang up.

None of the performers were able to hear each other, so the result is a blindfolded collaging of sounds – made possible by networked technology.

The piece looks at the CACOPHONY of sounds that plague the global Technosphere. It considers these as a cacophony: the root of the word is greek, where cac, or kak, means bad, or literally “shit”, and ‘phony’ means ‘sound’.

Hence, Bad Sound, or ‘Shit Sound’.

This represents both the outcome of the piece un-processed/un-modulated, and at the same time the very nature of this new, international, free technology.

Cacophony was performed live at the HKU-KMT in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2008.

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