BYOB Utrecht

I’ll be taking part in BYOB Utrecht, a one-night-only video projection exhibition. BYOB stands for ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ – that’s ‘projectors’ for all us non-Europeans.

The night is being run by Setup Media Lab, and I’m fortunate enough to have them arrange an install of Mute City Dreemz (2010) for me.

From the Setup website:

The white space reinvented. For one night we will take over the Utrecht Center for Fine Arts and turn the walls of the space into a hit ‘n run open exhibition. Bring you own projector and fill the white walls with your work. 

The concept is as simple as it is effective. 1 night, 1 empty space, and a lot of beamers transform the white walls of the art space into a dynamic new kind of exposition. No months of preparations and no static pieces that stay in the same place for three months. Just one night on which new inspiring work is shown in a new inspiring way.

Catch it May 19th, 8 – 11:30pm, at Utrecht Center for Fine Arts.

Concept by Rafael Rozendaal (

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