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I’m super happy to announce that I’ve been selected for the Convergence Residency program, at Banff Centre, in Alberta Canada.

Taking place in a little over two-weeks, Convergence offers a space for ” artists to research, conceive, prototype and present new artistic works, tools, techniques and perspectives for electronic music, sound, and visual creation. “.

There’s some amazing mentors in tow – Robin Fox, Uwe Schmidt, Dasha Rush, Markus Heckmann and Kieth Fullerton Whitman to name a few.

I have to say I’ve always wanted to do a residency at Banff Centre – it strikes me as an amazing place, so I’m super excited to be able to attend the centre with such a relevant residency. For Convergence I hope to write new music and form a link with the visual material I’m currently working on.

Lately here in Australia I’ve been exploring some new music tools over the Summer months, while on break from my Masters.

I recently purchased two Elektron music making machines – the Analog RYTM drum machine, and Analog Four synthesiser. Its been awesome learning them and getting with the Elektron way of working – in particular the Overbridge protocol which allows fully two-way midi communication and control via Ableton Live, and perfect sync between software and hardware. It also allows for full multi-channel recording of the devices – it’s such a great blend of the analog and digital that I am such a fan of. Together with Push 2 which is also a part of my current setup, it makes for such a malleable, flexible music making system thats also just so fun to make music with! Check out Overbridge below:

Once I return from Banff I’ll be right back into the thesis writing phase of my degree, before wrapping up with the final examination exhibition.

Exciting and busy times ahead!

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