51ZO052USjL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_i’ve really enjoyed undertaking my research degree at MADA for the past two years. It’s coming to a close, and I’m right into the body of my thesis at the moment. It’s put me into contact with some great texts which really circumnavigate the field as it pertains to audio-visual practice.

in particular dieter daniels and sandra naumann’s ‘audiovisuology compendium‘ really does a great job on bringing together a range of audio-visual practices. out of print for some time, its recently been republished in a new edition that combines the first two ‘see this sound’ volumes. i can’t wait for my copy to turn up in the mail 🙂

also, I discovered ‘the audio-visual breakthrough’ – the whole book is available online as a free pdf so be sure to check it out. but if you’re more into physical copies of books the design of this one is really great and also worth picking up. it’s something more of a treatment of the field of live cinema and its fringes, which is the basis for the current chapter I’m working on.

while i’ve known about live cinema for a while, and have performed my own work in this field before, i never really considered myself a live cinema performer. however the creative work in this new project has really tunnelled down into that direction. and its been great just how much more i’ve learn’t about the field through both the project and the research.

i think i’ve come to be really passionate about live audio-visual performance over the years. its easy for it to get confused with other fields, or it often gets bundled up with vjing. but to me it is a more discrete practice, in general a practice of dealing with both sound and vision in equal measure, rather than being a practitioner of one or the other.

lately however, rather than specifically focusing on the audio-visual as a particular subject for research, i am fascinated by the idea of the ‘runtime’ as it pertains to digital media. to me, live cinema is a form of runtime media which, like video games, pursue the computational medium of computer graphics, sound and control for the development of audio-visual experience.



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