Alan Watts

The world would be a much better place if everyone read a little bit of Alan Watts. But I guess reading isn’t enough. Understanding is another thing altogether.

Watts’ greatest contribution, through The Book, and his many other audio recordings and videos, is the idea that, quite logically, we are all one organism.

This is often the bark of many crackpot pseudo-religious types, even high & mighty cryptic mystics, but when considered, seems to make rather good common sense!

We aren’t born with concepts built into our brain – these are things that are learned.

Every child born is ‘concept-less’, concepts provide for separation, distinguishing amongst different peoples (i am mike, you are rachel).

We merely adopt names. We adopt concepts and accept our ‘personality’ as a reality, as “who we are”.

But reality is the blank canvas, the baby-mind – personality is the paint we accumulate throughout our lives.

When you realize your true nature is the blank canvas, u see there is no such thing as death. Death is a concept, Life itself is a concept.

You are the Universe, entirely, completely, and our language system has simply fooled us into believing otherwise.

Moreover, life presents itself as a fake. ‘Illusion’ tends to be the word the spiritualists use to finger reality, as if reality itself were a fake. But when I say life, I really mean the human constructed world.

In and of itself it is not a fake… i think ‘pretend’ is a much better word. We ‘make pretend’ our whole lives. We are essentially the game of pretend, or, as Watts puts it “the game of hide and seek”…

And this strikes a peculiar philosophical cord with me, that life itself IS somewhat a game… a game we are unwittingly playing.The saying life is a game… Really begins to harken true in this philosophical setting… is it any wonder we have such a fondess for play itself, when it may well be the very core upon which we base our lives?

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