New 2017 update/rollback

I recently updated to the new WordPress version and it effectively broke my site, the ‘High Art’ theme which was designed by Allan Cole a number of years ago seems to have been the culprit. I guess it’s not being updated anymore. As a result I’ve had to upgrade to a new WordPress theme, it turns out this 2017 theme is quite nice, with a few tweaks it serves up pretty much what I want 🙂

That said I lost all my ‘Exhibits’ from my previous site, which were essentially photographic documentation of various events and exhibitions I’d ran or attended. I think in their place I might make a new ‘Documentation’ page that simply serves this purpose.

So much has happened recently and I haven’t posted here in so long, it’s kinda hard to work out why this ‘blogging’ platform became less important.

I think it’s got something to do with the fact that blogs aren’t networked in many ways, there’s no real feedback, unlike the feedback you receive on social media. It’s fair to say platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have really dominated over the last few years, and a platform like Tumblr is really far more suited to social blogging than WordPress ever was.

In the end WordPress serves me well as an online portfolio, and I guess ‘blogging’ is sort of a remnant of over a decade-old internet practice, that really not many people participate in anymore. Maybe there still are regular bloggers out there, but all the good blogs tended to become pro news outlets.

That said I’ve been somewhat vacant lately from either art making, producing or uploading or exporting stuff to the world and the internet. In general finishing things and being active in local scenes has taken a back seat to regular employment. My Research Masters degree, which has dominated my activity for years, to this day remains incomplete, and still lingers as the current project and the thing I must finish before I can move on to new and better ideas.

Nevertheless I feel something stirring, new ideas and platforms I’d like to use for future projects. I have never been at a stand still for this past year however, with electronic music taking up most of my thoughts and spare time. And to be honest – for the first time in what feels like ever – I’ve taken a few bonafide holidays and vacations – not work holidays or art residencies, just straight up holidays. It’s felt good. This year I went to Indonesia for the first time and it really is wonderful, as are its people. I have some ideas about doing things over there for a while. It could be a really nice place to make art and music while soaking up the sun and the surf.

It’s really crazy looking back over the old posts here – a lot of links are broken and images are missing towards the back end. It makes me wonder at what point are things worth keeping? When should you clear out the old noise and start fresh? [Edit: I’ve just removed 100+ posts from circa pre-2013. It makes sense. Maybe all the most recent posts will get cut soon too, they just look dated and out of place. Maybe it really is time to start fresh? I do think a dropdown of documentation pages is needed soon though, to recap all that lost content. I think it was time to make a break from ‘student-years’ work and thinking – I’ve removed any projects pre-2010 also. Time to move forward with something new as something of an early-career artist.]

I’m still interested in representing certain projects here. But the reality hits you that some projects and thoughts are approaching decade-old ages, it’s almost 10 years ago since I posted some of my first projects here. I think some of them are still relevant, and it may be that fresh, new work comes to push the old out of the spotlight so to speak. In that regard I’ve become very interested in the Unity software lately, primarily for its platform agnosticism and ability to export to a variety of media.

In truth, I’ve mostly been posting on Instagram for the better part of the last year. It’s hard not to feel that typing things here is something of a vacuum or a void that somehow goes unnoticed, activity on social media has much wider reach and impact. I’ll keep adding posts for now, but maybe some things are better kept in the archive rather than on the front page.



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