Well, here we are, 2 weeks into 2013.

I don’t really have any resolutions this year. Last year I decided my resolution would be to start collecting vinyl records. I think I managed to collect about 19, which is a nice start. I’ll have to post a list sometime.

I haven’t got a record player yet, but I did get a nice ‘audiophile’ amp, by Harman Kardon.

I think I’ve realised I’ve kinda been neglecting my sites lately, and maybe spending too much time on Facebook.

On the plus side I have been getting into Ableton Live a fair bit, and making some new music. Also organising my myriad Processing folders into something a little more cohesive and manageable. I think I need to come up with a new filing structure when I use that program.

Anyway, I think I might have had the wrong idea about art for a while. If there is such a thing. I’ve just been checking out Rafael Rozendaal’s site and some of his recent posts got me thinking to post more and upload/finish more work.

I think I’ve been focusing too much on some kind of off-in-the-distance work that I never quite finish. So maybe it’s time to change how I approach my work, and what kind of stuff I’m going to be doing going forward.

I had a pretty good 2012 but it also had it’s fair share of challenges. I can’t say I’ve been pining for 2013 or anything. But maybe that’s my resolution – to shift more of a focus back to the website, uploading and posting more video, images, text and music.

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